Last Updated Feb, 15, 2021

As circumstances evolve in our region, these protocols will be updated.

Last update October 1, 2021

MASK are MANDATORY until further notice.


Registration for a class spot is First Come, First Served. Read below to learn how to register for a spot in Students MUST use to register for a spot in class. We're using to organize class registration.

MEMBER ATTIRE & EQUIPMENT Uniforms Students MUST arrive dressed in their uniform. Students MUST maintain a clean uniform and sanitize their equipment, washed after every class. Facility Restrictions Students MUST NOT use changing rooms.


We encourage the following drop off and pick up procedures for parents. This will minimize students and parents from interacting with each other.

These procedures will be reviewed as needed with the purpose of not overcrowding the lobby. Students arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to the class start time. Students MUST be picked up no later than 10 minutes after class.

Parents and Caregivers
SHOULD stay in or by their car to minimize contact and exposure. Caregivers MAY watch the class on Zoom from their car or home. Not all students will be easily viewed on the camera.


5:00 PM Classes:: Do NOT drop off the students more the 5-10 minutes prior to class.
NOTE:: Any student who enters the building more the 10 minutes early must either practice or remain sitting quietly in their spot until class starts. THIS IS NOT PLAY TIME!
6:15 pm Classes:: Do NOT arrive more than five minutes prior to your class.

EXCEPTION FOR 4, 5 AND 6 YEAR OLD ENROLLED IN LITTLE DRAGONS: ONLY ONE ADULT FAMILY MEMBER MAY WAIT IN THE BUILDING IF NECESSARY. Anyone entering MUST wear a mask, covering both nose and mouth, at all times if it is Necessary to enter.

Additional family members, friends, kids, or people are not permitted to watch the class. May login to ZOOM for viewing.

Exceptions for Caregivers of Students with Developmental Disabilities
We will work together with you to provide your child the resources and environment needed to succeed in martial arts during this pandemic, just as we have always done. Please contact us to discuss how we can make an individualized plan to help you and your loved one with special needs.


Students MAY attend Zoom and in-building classes. Students MAY attend unlimited Zoom classes.
Intermediate students MAY attend a beginner Zoom class.
Beginner students MAY NOT attend intermediate Zoom classes.
Caregivers MAY participate with their child during the Zoom class to ensure their child is participating.

The facility will continue to be routinely cleaned and disinfected. Many of the items listed below have already been part of our protocols and/or have been cleaned daily, weekly, or monthly but protocols will be changed to more frequent intervals.
For example, things that were cleaned daily will now be cleaned between classes. Attention will be paid to surfaces that are frequently touched. Cleaning: Removal of visible dirt Disinfecting: Killing of germs through use of EPA approved disinfecting solutions Between Classes This will be done between classes:
General and Daily Cleaning The entire facility is mopped and sanitized daily.


We cannot guarantee you and or your child will not contract COVID-19. If you choose to send your child to this school/studio, you are doing so with the understanding that there is a potential risk of exposure. Enrollment/Attendance capacity has been reduced to provide distancing, temperature scans, hand washing and sanitizing, along with usage of masks is enforced to comply with the CDC guidelines. Getting the vaccine is highly recommended.