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The first thing you will experience at Cheng's is the down to earth,
pragmatic, encouraging and inviting staff which consists primarily
of family members and current and former students who have
become like family.  *This is the inviting, fairly priced and
comfortable dojo you are looking for*.  Just enough of the
ceremony of traditional martial arts to make you feel connected to
great traditions without going too far.  Comfortable waiting area for
observation and wifi!  From all the mixed ages of the beginners
through the culturally diverse and well seasoned who come to
Cheng's to train, the smiles are unanimous. The thing that
impresses me most about Cheng's Martial arts School is  the
emphasis they place on the importance of maintaining a good
balance between home, school and family. My son is entering his
fourth year and we are very happy there.
The Upper Darby-Lansdowne Rotary Club Member Spotlight!
Paul Cheng, Cheng's Martial Arts School

Master Paul Cheng of Cheng’s Martial Arts School, is originally
from Hong Kong and came to this country when he was eleven. In
many places in China, martial arts schools were the only places
where children could get an education, so many parents would
take their kids there to learn to be warriors (martial) and learn to
be educated members of society (arts). The martial arts schools
were also considered a child’s family. Paul has modeled his
business in this way.

Students are not only taught how to fight, they are also expected
to take care of the community in which they live. Many of Paul’s
instructors have grown up in the school since they were young
and have become role models for the younger kids. They are
expected to do their school work and behave in a respectful way.
So many of the students that start with Paul stay there. Since
many of the kids come from single parent homes, the door is
always open to those that need help in school and in life.

Paul helps to socialize his students and several of them have
special needs. He stresses that in life you have earn everything.
In many karate studios, belts and stripes are automatically given
every three months, no matter how well the student does. At
Cheng’s Martial Arts School, if you get a higher belt, you know
you it has been earned. Paul partners with many schools,
churches, and Community Ys, mostly in Delaware County. Paul
is highly respected not only in the martial arts community, but
also our local community for all he gives, not only to the young
people, but also to the adults (for whom he also has classes).

Dear Cheng's,
Balancing school along with a part time job, shows and holding multiple
positions at my school was no simple challenge but was I able to do it
because of the foundation I was raised upon and that foundation
includes my family at Cheng's Martial Arts School. One of the most
important lessons I was taught while training there was perseverance.
I've had many people come up to me and ask me how I was able to do all
of this and still maintain my mandatory 3.0 GPA. Karate was one of the
contributing factors that allowed me to balance all that I had to while
finishing up my undergraduate years at University of the Sciences.
The course I am currently taking is said to be one of the most intense
courses I will take in my Graduate years as a Physical Therapy student.
It is recommended by students and professors that you do not hold a job
during those highly stressful 8 weeks. Not only did I balance one job, I
held several and I am still able to teach those in my class that unable to
grasp the material. One of those jobs includes choreographing my 6th
show just this year. Many students were "amazed" I was able to create
the choreography for a full show, teach a cast of 60+ people, attend
school, study, and still work. This was just another normal day for me
because I was always able to balance multiple things at once. That ability
came from my dance classes and my karate classes. Both taught me to
keep going.
I want to thank all my teachers, young and old, that have taught and
secured those life lessons in me. I use what you have taught me every
single day and will continue to teach and learn from those who come into
my life.
Pain is Temporary. Pride is Forever.
Thank you Cheng's,
Lauren McGinnis

Dear Master Paul Cheng,
Because of you, the YMCA will be able to ensure that no one gets turned
away based on solely their inability to pay. Because of you, the YMCA
will continue to be a leader in the programs and activities that strenghten
families. Because of you, the YMCA will continue to improve the health
and wellness of our community. Thank you for your contribution in our
"Make a Difference" annual campaign, each donation allows us to reach
our goals.
President and CEO of the Community YMCA of Eastern Delaware County
Miguel & I would like to just thank you and Paul and your entire staff for
all that you have done for Devin and our family. I have never seen so
eager to learn. He has had me stretching in the mornings and has told
me that his goal is at least to get his black belt. He wishes that he could
come everyday.
--- Mother of a Yellow Belt

Master Paul,
I just want to take a moment and thank you again for making my son
excited about Martial Arts and in particular, your Dojo. He comes home
after class and can’t stop talking about what went on. Even if he’s telling
me how bad Dwayne “kicked his butt” in point sparring. I haven’t seen
him this pumped since he was just starting out.

I am also thankful for the confidence you show in him. Teaching in your
school will give him skills that will help him through out his entire life. The
ability to train and motivate others is an accomplishment very few ever
achieve. Under your tutelage, I know he will be able to master it in time.

It is a pleasure for me to have him involved with your organization.
--- Father of a Black Belt


I love watching my son light up at karate with the challenge of the sport
and the association with a great group of people and a great teacher!

--Mother of a Blue Belt

Mr. Paul,
I would like to thank you for your keen assessment skills of each
individual student. You were so kind and skillful in letting me know that
you offer karate instruction to children with special needs. Ever since my
grandson has been taking those classes, he has learned so much. It was
such a confidence booster for him when he earned his "Yellow Tiger
Stripe" last week. He has developed a stronger commitment to his karate
education and even told me "I'll help you get a stripe on your belt too
grandmom". I am also enjoying and learning so much myself. Your
school and programs are an important part of our lives that I would'nt
trade for anything.
Thank you Mr. Paul, Kathy and the enitre staff for your caring and
helping our family grow.
--Student/Grandmother of a special needs

"I and some of the other parents have been very impressed with how
good the instructor is with the 3-5 age group!! They do a great job
keeping the kids interested and focused while still having fun.--
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